Call for Presentations and Panels, 2024

The Irfan Forum has begun to plan its 2024 season and requests proposals for individual presentations and panels (a collection of 2 to 4 related presentations) on the topics of Baha’i history; translation of Baha’i authoritative texts; interpretation and commentary on authoritative texts; Baha’i theological and philosophical topics; and the relationship between the Baha’i Faith and other religions and their scriptures.

The presentations can be in English or Persian. Proposed presentations in English should be submitted in the form of a 300-word abstract in English. Persian language presentations should be submitted in the form of a 300-word abstract in Persian, accompanied by an English translation as well. Panels can be in Persian or English with a 100-word summary of the panel and a 100-word summary of each presentation.

The Irfan Forum will have both online and in-person venues where the presentations and panels can be presented. If you have a preference, please state it. Some scholarships to cover transportation and lodging will be available for the in-person events, which will be scheduled for the late spring and early fall. If accepted for presentation, a paper manuscript may be requested for publication in The Lights of Irfan or other venues.

The Irfan Forum proposes to offer a variety of conferences and webinars in 2024:

  1. At least one weekend conference at a Baha’i venue for emerging scholars, especially young people and people of color.
  2. At least one day-long conference at a university or another formal academic setting for more experienced scholars.
  3. At least four themed on-line conferences of one afternoon in length
  4. At least twenty online webinars